About Us

MiCasa Coffee – Makes people person!

Mi Casa is a proudly South African coffee company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a true passion for fine coffee as the driving force behind the company’s rapid growth, bringing many years experience to you as we are barista’s, expert coffee buyers and dedicated to ensuring you get the best coffee in South Africa.

What does MiCasa Coffee Specialise In?

Mi Casa Coffee specializes in universal coffee capsules, industry-leading coffee machines and coffee lifestyle accessories. We hand select beans direct, from all corners of the world and our unrivaled passion for roasting coffee delivers tastes that will embrace you with unique flavour depths and aromas.

MiCasa Coffee also has a super cool Coffee wagon that can be hired / requested for functions and events.

Our unique coffee experience is further enhanced by the addition of natural, aromatic flavours into the coffee bean itself, unlike the synthetic flavours obtained through syrup additions into coffees.